Thousands of people suffer incompatibility with, allergic reactions to or intolerance to conventional treatments for eye care and beauty. Such products are created with no thought to more sensitive skins, nor to effects upon the eye surface.

You see the majority of these people in your shop every day. Dermeyes is your opportunity to offer them a quality solution which they will only find in an opticians shop which is concerned with total eye care.

Dermeyes offers effective and professional solutions which bring back hope.

It is the only company which has been created on the basis of clinical tests on all CONTACT LENS groups.

Beauty and health 100% compatible.

Tested dermatologically, ophthalmologically and hipoallergenically.

Presentations on Optocosmetics have been made at the most prestigious ophthalmological world conferences such as BCLA, EEOO, ECLSO,OPTOM, etc.

Now we are nearer than ever to you and all Optical personnel. If you would like to be part of the dermeyes optical team and have access to exclusive products and services please contact us and see how easy it is.

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